Special Issue #3

Throughout the subscription build of their 1:8 scale Nissan GT-R (R35) model, Eaglemoss offered some ‘Special Issues’. These issues were automatically sent, and are billed in addition to the monthly subscription.

The first Special Issue was a 1:18 Scale Model Kit and the second was a Insulated Bottle and Keychain. This time, I was offered a Crystal Case. These cases are basically clear acrylic panels glued together to make a box and they fit down into the recessed area of the Display Base to protect the completed model from dust and moisture. I received the same case for my Mercedes-Benz 300 SL build-up, so I used that picture for this page.

This Crystal Case cost $95.90 including shipping costs and entirely optional. Since I display my completed partwork builds in glass cabinets, I did not need this case and called Eaglemoss to opt-out of this offer.