83+ Delayed

Another delay has befallen our Eaglemoss 1:8 scale Nissan GT-R (R35) partwork build. My last shipment was received back in December and Customer Service told me last week that Pack 86 (in Issue 22) is out-of-stock with no ETA. This is holding up Issue I hope we can continue this build soon!

Update May 23, 2021: I spoke with Customer Service again and now Pack 83 is shown as out of stock. There is word that the doors of our Nissan GT-R are being redesigned. The wait continues!

Update July 10, 2021: What do you know… Pack 83 is still out of stock with no ETA. This 7+ month wait is getting pretty ridiculous!

Update July 21, 2021: I took a shot in the dark and asked Eaglemoss if they could skip the missing packs and start sending me the 1:5 scale VR38DETT GT-R Engine packs from the end of the build. At least I would have something to do!


6 thoughts on “83+ Delayed”

  1. I saw on their website, that they moved into a new warehouse. They said that by march 2nd they were supposed to start normal shipments of the GTR

    1. That very well may be affecting shipments, but I have already received items from the new warehouse. Perhaps the GT-R packs are in a trailer somewhere. Customer Service also told me my DB5 and Enterprise were out-of-stock, but they shipped a few days later. We shall see.

    2. I think CS has absolutely no clue as to what’s happening, my last shipment (91-94) was shipped January 20th. Last week over the past months I’ve been told about warehouse issues, then that those issues have been resolved, then I was told that parts were in stock but the magazine was not, last week I was told that the shipment was sent to the warehouse for shipment and that they would forward the email to me within a few minutes, 14 days later still no email.
      Very very disappointed, should have listened to the warnings nearly 2 years and $1000 + ago.

      1. Update. Finally received an email stating items have been shipped from warehouse on April 21 st. As of today April 24 th , tracking info states USPS still awaiting package.

  2. Well guys ,finally received the package, 5 months later. Now my model is complete with a little modifications here and there, fully carpeted floor, photo etched display screen. Now on to the engine, let’s see how well this goes.

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