This is just a page to group the R34 stages by ten each. Please use the menus above or the direct links below:

  • Stage 1 – Front Bumper, GTR Emblem, Front Grille 1, Front Turn Signal Light Lenses/Housings
  • Stage 2 – Front Right Wheel Tire/Hub/Outer Rim/Inner Rim/Cover, Wheel Bolts
  • Stage 3 – Hood, Water Nozzles, Lock
  • Stage 4 – Front Relief Valve/Base/Pressure Relief Pipe, Front Grilles 2-5, Steering Wheel/Central Part, Hood Reinforcement Frame
  • Stage 5 – Engine Blocks Parts, Oil Pan, Cylinder Head, Engine Top Cover, Engine Logo, Supports, Connecting Pieces
  • Stage 6 – Intake Valves, Intake Manifolds/Tube, Throttle Valves, Rods, Distributor Cover, Alternator, Oil Filter/Dipstick
  • Stage 7 – Front Right Brake Caliper, Front Right Brake Disc
  • Stage 8 – Front Subframe, Front Left/Right Lower Control Arms, Silentblocks (Control Arm Mounts)
  • Stage 9 – Front Left Knuckles/Arm, Mounting Bracket, Front Left Driveshaft, Dust Caps, Left Suspension Linkage/Upper Bracket
  • Stage 10 – Air Inlet Ducts/Flowmeter, Exhaust Manifolds/Covers/Outlets, Turbo Valves/Casings/Elbow, Compressor Housings