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“In this issue, we start to assemble the front bumper of the model by attaching the upper grille, emblem, and the turn signal lights to the bumper unit.”

If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend reading through my Getting Started page first.



Materials: Here I will describe the materials that the supplied parts in each stage are made out of. All of the screws are metal, so I will not mention them. For instance, in this issue, the Front Bumper and Front Grille 1 are metal and everything else is plastic.


  • Nissan Skyline GT-R – The GT-R on the Streets of America
  • Fast & Furious Tales – The Man in the GT-R
  • The NISMO Story – Nissan’s Motorsports Division
  • Nissan Sport DNA Collection – The GT-R Legend’s Glorious Origins
  • Assembly Guide – Model Instructions


  • Philip-head screwdriver (appears to be PH0 size)

Introduction Brochure

A multi-page foldout with full size color images of the model, features, and the final dimensions:

  • 23″ (58cm) Length
  • 9″ (23cm) Width
  • 7″ (17cm) Height


Front Bumper (1)

Step 1.01

Firmly press the two pins of the GTR Emblem into the two matching holes of the Front Grille 1.

Make sure this Grille is the right way up before installing the Emblem. The ‘top’ of the Grille is narrower than the bottom, as shown here:

Step 1.02

Fit the Front Grille behind this matching opening of the Front Bumper, aligning the four screw holes.

The GTR Emblem should be facing out, as shown:

Secure this Grille into place with four (4) SM screws.

TIP: Since these are the first screws of the build that are driven into metal, I recommend looking over my 3-in-One Oil page. Using a lubricant on the screws will help cut threads into the die-cast metal and reduce the chance of stripped and broken screws:

Fun Fact: On the filming car, they replaced the R34’s stock bumper with a fiberglass body kit from C-West and this is replicated on our model.

Step 1.03

NOTE: To improve the process of installing our Turn Signal Light Lenses, I slightly changed the order of the remaining steps in this stage.

Press the open end of a Front Turn Signal Light Lens onto the front of the Left Front Turn Signal Light Housing (marked ‘L’), as shown.

If you find the Lens fitment loose, use a small amount of PVA-type glue to secure it in place. There is also a clear version of this glue, but you may find it does not adhere as well. Definitely do not use any Cyanoacrylate (CA) super glue here – it can off-gas and create crazing (fogging) of the Lens:

Step 1.04

Press the two pins of the Turn Signal Light Housing into the small holes of this left-side (when behind the car) recess in the Front Bumper:

Step 1.05

Fit the open end of the other Turn Signal Light Lens onto the front of the Right Front Signal Light Housing (marked ‘R’), as shown.

Again, you may want to PVA glue this Lens to the Housing if it does not fit firmly in place:

Step 1.06

In the same way as before, press the two pins of this Turn Signal Light Housing into the matching opposite recess of the Front Bumper:


From my teenage years, I have always had a love for the Skyline GT-R R34. I have said for a long time that I wished one would be released as a partwork model and here we are building it from Fanhome! I am very excited to see how this model is going to turn out.

Next Up

Stage 2 – Front Right Wheel Tire/Hub/Outer Rim/Inner Rim/Cover, Wheel Bolts

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