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“In this issue, we continue to assemble the engine block by attaching components including the intake vales, intake manifold, throttle vale, alternator, and oil filter.”




Materials: All of the parts in this stage are plastic.


  • Nissan Skyline GT-R: The Debut of the Last Skyline GT-R
  • Fast & Furious Tales: The Race in Miami
  • The NISMO Story: The Nissan Works in Omori
  • Nissan Sport DNA Collection: The Powerful Fairlady 2000
  • Assembly Guide: Model Instructions


Engine Block (2)

NOTE: I have slightly changed the order of these steps to make the process easier to follow.

Step 6.01

Retrieve your Engine assembly from the previous stage. Fit the Intake Manifold 1 to this side of the Engine as shown, and then secure it into place with two (2) AM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screw threads going into metal:

Step 6.02

Attach a Rod to the matching end pin of each Intake Valve.

First, to determine which Intake Valves are which, there are two marked ‘1’ (parts 6A) and one marked ‘2’ (6B):

Starting with a Intake Valve 1 (6A), fit the larger eyelet of a Rod over this end pin, orienting it as shown. The Rods are all the same, but they are directional. Don’t worry if this fitment is loose – these Rods will be better secured in a later step:

Install another Rod to the second Intake Valve 1 in the exact same way:

For the Intake Valve 2 (6B), the Rod fits onto the pin in the opposite direction, as shown:

Step 6.03

Fit one of the two Intake Valve 1 assemblies to this matching location on the Intake Manifold 1, orienting it as shown:

Secure this Intake Valve to the Manifold with one (1) BP screw:

Fit and secure the other Intake Valve 1 assembly to this middle location on Intake Manifold 1 with one (1) more BP screw:

Secure the Intake Valve 2 assembly to this end location of the Intake Manifold with one (1) more BP screw, as shown:

Step 6.04

Push the pin of the Oil Dipstick into this matching hole in the side of the Engine Block Right Part, orienting it as shown:

This Dipstick should be aligned vertical and pointing up in relation to the Engine assembly:

Step 6.05

NOTE: These steps are in a different order from the magazine instructions – I changed them to help prevent any bending or damage to the long mounting tab of the Alternator Housing 1.

Before we install the Alternator, I decided to add a bit of color to it. For this, I used a Metallic Gold Sharpie to ‘paint’ the side bolts of the Alternator Housing 2:

Press the pin on the long narrow end of the Alternator Support into this matching hole of the Alternator Housing 2, as shown:

Push the post of the Alternator Housing 1 onto the matching pin of the Alternator Housing 2.

The post of Housing 1 has a keyed tab on the side of it:

This ‘key’ is designed to match a recess inside Alternator Housing 2:

Orient these parts to align the key to the recess and push the two Housings together, as shown:

Step 6.06

Press the pin on the short wide end of the Alternator Support into this matching hole on the front of the Engine assembly:

Gently rotate the Alternator assembly around the pin at the end of the Alternator Support so the long mounting tab of the Alternator Housing 1 fits into this matching recess of the Engine Block:

Secure the Alternator Housing 1 to the Engine with one (1) AM screw:

Step 6.07

Press the pin of the Oil Filter into the matching hole on the side of the Engine Block Right Part.

To align this Oil Filter correctly, take note of this keyed section on the pin end of the pipe:

This key is designed to fit in this matching recess of the Engine Block:

Knowing this, we can press the Oil Filter into place with the proper orientation, as shown:

Step 6.08

Fit the Distributor Cover to the front of the Engine assembly.

The upper part of this Cover fits to a post of the Engine Top Cover and the lower hole fits over the black driveshaft post, as shown:

Secure this Cover into place at the top with one (1) AP screw:

Step 6.09

Press the keyed hole of the Intake Manifold Tube onto the matching end post of Intake Manifold 2, as shown:

Step 6.10

Press the pins of the Intake Manifold 2 into the matching holes of the Intake Valves, orienting it as shown.

Before we install this Manifold assembly, make sure all three of the Rods are pointing up as shown:

Then we can press the pins of this Manifold into the holes. For the flushest fit, make sure the BP screws securing the Intake Valves are fully tightened:

Secure this Intake Manifold 2 into place with three (3) KP screws – they are installed under the Manifold, as shown:

Step 6.11

Press the pin of Throttle Valve 2 into this matching hole of Throttle Valve 1, clipping it to the bar at the same time, as shown:

For the proper orientation, make sure Valve 2 is parallel to the ends of Valve 1, as shown:

Step 6.12

Firmly press the four pins on the ends of Throttle Valve 1 into these matching holes of Intake Manifold 2, orienting it as shown:

Fit the free end of the Rod on the first Intake Valve 1 onto this pin of the Throttle Valve assembly:

Position the free ends of the Rods on the other two Intake Valves to be on either side of this part of the Throttle Valve assembly:

Align the holes of these two Rods to the matching hole of the Throttle Valve assembly and secure them all together with one (1) NP screw:


I feel that a few of these parts may have been misnamed, but they still add incredible detail to our Skyline R34 engine!

Next Up

Stage 7 – Front Right Brake Caliper, Front Right Brake Disc

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