STAGES 11-20

This is just a page to group the R34 stages by ten each. Please use the menus above or the direct links below:

  • Stage 11 – Fuel Rail, Oil Plug, Crankcase Connectors, Ornament, Steering Pump, Camshaft Sensor, Brackets, AC Compressor, Fittings
  • Stage 12 – Front Right Knuckles/Arm, Mounting Bracket, Front Right Driveshaft, Dust Caps, Right Suspension Linkage/Upper Bracket
  • Stage 13 – Shock Absorber Upper Supports/Axles/Housings, Front Suspension Springs, Tie Rods, Steering Rack/Housing
  • Stage 14 – Front Left Brake Caliper, Front Left Brake Disc
  • Stage 15 – Front Left Wheel Tire/Outer Rim/Inner Rim
  • Stage 16 – Front Left Wheel Hub/Cover, Wheel Bolts
  • Stage 17 – Front Right Beam, Helical Steering Gear, Steering Box Housing/Top Cover, Secondary Steering Shaft, Idler Arm
  • Stage 18 – Chassis Center Section/Tunnel
  • Stage 19 – Front Left Beam, Steering Box Supports
  • Stage 20 – Front Left Wheel Arch, ATTESA Fluid Reservoir Tank/Cap