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“In this issue, we will assemble the parts of the front right knuckle.”

These steps are nearly identical to those we completed back in Stage 9 with the left knuckle.



Materials: Both Front Knuckle parts, Knuckle Arm, Suspension Linkage, and Suspension Upper Bracket are metal – the others are plastic.


  • Nissan Skyline GT-R: The 4WD System – Defining Attesa E-TS
  • Fast & Furious Tales: Modifying the Skyline GT-R
  • The NISMO Story: NISMO – A New Brand in Fashion and Merchandise
  • Assembly Guide: Model Instructions


Front Suspension System (3)

Step 12.01

Fit the ‘stepped’ end of the Front Right Knuckle 2 into this hole of the Front Right Knuckle 1, orienting it as shown.

Make sure the bottom post of this Knuckle 2 passes fully through the hole of the Knuckle 1, as seen here:

Step 12.02

Cover the top end of this Knuckle 2 with the Mounting Bracket as shown, and secure it into place with two (2) AM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screw threads going into metal:

Step 12.03

Fit the rounded tab of the Right Knuckle Arm onto the top post of the Knuckle 2, orienting it as shown.

When you fit these parts, the small top tab of Knuckle 2 (circled below) needs to be between the two ‘stop’ tabs of the Arm (arrows below):

Secure this Arm to the Knuckle 2 with one (1) AIM screw.

Do not overtighten these next few screws as they are pivot points for the suspension and should be able to rotate some:

Step 12.04

Fit the large end of the Right Suspension Linkage between the rounded tabs of the Right Suspension Upper Bracket.

Pay attention to the shapes of these parts, they need to be fitted as shown:

Secure this Linkage to the Bracket with two (2) EM screws – one on each side:

Step 12.05

Fit the small end of the Right Suspension Linkage to the upper end of the Right Knuckle Arm and secure it with one (1) EM screw, as shown:

Step 12.06

Retrieve your Front Subframe assembly from Stage 9. Insert the bottom post of the Front Right Knuckle 2 into this hole of the Front Right Lower Control Arm, orienting it as shown:

Secure this Knuckle to the Control Arm from below with one (1) AIM screw:

Step 12.07

Fit the Right Outer Dust Cap (the larger of the two) over this post of the Front Right Knuckle 2, orienting it as shown:


We have done these steps before on the other side, so nothing new to say here. Keep the unused Front Right Driveshaft and Right Inner Dust Cap safely stored until we need them again in a later stage.

Next Up

Stage 13 – Shock Absorber Upper Supports/Axles/Housings, Front Suspension Springs, Tie Rods, Steering Rack/Housing

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