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“With [Engine] Pack 4 you will attach the Crank Girdle and Oil Distributor parts to the Cylinder Block.”





The Crank Girdle

Step 01

Retrieve your Cylinder Block assembly from the previous pack. Fit the Crank Girdle to the bottom of the Cylinder Block, as shown.

As recommended, be sure to add a drop of lubricating oil (such as 3-in-One Oil) to these areas first:

As you fit this, note there are two locating pins on the Crank Girdle that match up to alignment holes on the Cylinder Block:

Secure the Crank Girdle to the Cylinder Block with four (4) HM screws.

In order to keep the black external screws from standing out too much, I ‘painted’ the heads with my Metallic Silver Sharpies:

There are two screws to install on each side of the Crank Girdle. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Once this Crank Girdle is installed, you should be able to rotate the Crankshaft by hand. If it binds in any way, check for and adjust any rubbing parts and/or add more oil:

Step 02

Push the D-shaped pin of the Oil Distributor Connector fully into this matching hole of the Oil Distributor, as shown:

To give my engine a bit more color and contrast, I decided to paint many of the ‘bolt head’ shapes on it with my Metallic Gold Sharpie:

Step 03

Fit the Three Pipe Joints into this location on the top rear of the Cylinder Block Part, as shown.

There is a locating pin on the Three Pipe Joints that fits into an alignment hole on the Cylinder Block Part:

Secure the Three Pipe Joints to the Cylinder Block Part with one (1) KP screw:

Step 04

Fit the Oil Distributor assembly to the top of the Cylinder Block Part as shown.

There are two locating pins on the Oil Distributor that fit into alignment holes on the Cylinder Block Part:

Secure the Oil Distributor assembly into place with four (4) MP screws.

I painted these screw heads with my Metallic Gold Sharpie to match the ‘bolt heads’ of the Oil Distributor:


With the Crank Girdle now installed, we no longer have to worry about the Crankshaft and Pistons coming loose out of the block. I noticed that in the marketing materials for this engine, they show most (if not all) of the screws chromed. All of my screws have come in black.

Next Up

Engine 5 – Oil Pan, Oil Pump/Pipe

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