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“With [Engine] Pack 13, you will assemble the Differential parts and attach them to your NISSAN GT-R (R35) Engine.”





The Differential

Step 01

Fit the keyed post of the Right Shaft Seal down inside the matching hole of the Right Flange, as shown:

Step 02

Fit the Right Flange assembly down into this hole of the Differential, aligning the locating pin and screw hole as shown:

Secure all of these parts together from the inside of the Differential with one (1) GP screw:

Step 03

Fit the notch of the Left Flange to the keyed post of the Left Shaft Seal and firmly press these parts together:

Secure these parts together with one (1) MP screw:

Step 04

Retrieve your engine from the previous pack. Slide the Shaft Sleeve into this hole on the lower right side, as shown.

The end of the Shaft Sleeve with the smaller post on it should be inserted first:

This Shaft Sleeve will pass through the Oil Pan and engage with a hole on the opposite side of the engine:

Step 05

Fit the Differential Back Plate to the large opening of the Differential, aligning the two locating pins and screw holes as shown.

As before, I painted the exposed ‘bolt heads’ of this plate (and the heads of the screws that will secure it) with my Metallic Gold Sharpie:

Secure the Differential Back Plate into place with two (2) LM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

To make the driveshaft flange of this Differential stand out a bit more, I used my Black Sharpie here to paint the bolt heads:

Step 06

Fit this Differential assembly to the lower right side of the engine, aligning the screw holes as shown:

Begin securing the Differential to the engine with one (1) LM screw:

Step 07

Finish securing the Differential to the bottom of the engine with one (1) more LM screw.

I painted this screw head with my Metallic Silver Sharpie so it would blend in better:

Step 08

Fit the Left Flange assembly from Step 03 to the lower left side of the engine, aligning the locating pins and screw holes as shown:

Secure the Left Flange assembly to the engine with three (3) MM screws:


I almost forgot that the GT-R is all wheel drive, so it makes sense to see the front Differential attached to the engine. As another big chunk of metal has been added, our engine is becoming quite heavy!

Next Up

Engine 14 – Flywheel, Ring Gear/Back Plate, Right Supports, Oil Filter

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