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“With [Engine] Pack 17, you will assemble the Spark Plugs and attach them to the Engine parts you have built so far.”





The Spark Plugs

Step 01

Retrieve your engine from the previous pack. Slide three of the Spark Plugs fully down into these holes of the Left Rocker Cover, as shown.

These Spark Plugs ‘pop’ down into place quite nicely:

Step 02

In the same way, slide the other three Spark Plugs fully down into these holes of the Right Rocker Cover, as shown:

Step 03

On the left side, fit the center holes of three Spark Plug Covers over the pins of the Spark Plugs and align the screw holes, as shown.

These Spark Plug Covers are all identical, but are numbered 1-6. While I fit them in numerical order here, I did end up changing them around later on to match the cylinder numbers. It really doesn’t matter, so you can do whatever you like:

Secure the Spark Plug Covers to the Rocker Cover with three (3) JP screws, one for each.

This step will secure the Spark Plugs in place:

Step 04

Repeat the previous step on the right side using the remaining Spark Plug Covers and three (3) more JP screws, one for each:

Step 05

Fit the Oil Filling Port to this location on the Right Rocker Cover as shown, and secure it into place with two (2) MP screws.

I painted the heads of these screws with my Metallic Silver Sharpie to help them blend in a little better:

Step 06

Fit the ends of the Right Compressor Trachea into the matching holes of the Right Rocker Cover and Air Inlet Pipe as shown (arrows below). Then, secure the Right Compressor Trachea into place with one (1) MP screw:


In this pack, we added some nice details to the engine, including the spark plugs. Our engine is really starting to look authentic now!

Next Up

Engine 18 – Thermostat, Hot Water Manifold/Pipe, Seal Caps

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