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“With [Engine] Pack 24, you will attach the Primary Timing Chain to your NISSAN GT-R (R35) Engine.”





Primary Timing Chain

Step 01

Retrieve your engine assembly from the previous pack. Fit the Crankshaft Sprocket onto the keyed post of the Front Bearing Crankshaft.

I took a moment here to flip around the Oil Pump Sprocket A we installed in the previous pack. In the original orientation, my Oil Pump Chain would rub on the Oil Pump Pipe:

With that fixed, I fit the Crankshaft Sprocket as directed. Be sure the flat side of this sprocket is facing out, as shown:

Step 02

Loop the Primary Timing Chain around the two Camshaft Sprocket As, the Jockey Sprocket, and the Crankshaft Sprocket.

I fitted the Primary Timing Chain around the inside of the Jockey Sprocket:

Next, I made sure it looped around the outside of the lower Crankshaft Sprocket:

Finally, I looped it around the two top Camshaft Sprocket As, as shown:


Is it normal to have quite a bit of slack in this Primary Timing Chain at the end of this pack. We will add the chain guides in the next pack.

Next Up

Engine 25 – Guide Plates/Spring, Push Rod/Seats/Spring

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