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“With [Engine] Pack 26, you will assemble the Front Timing Chain Case and attach it and the Crankshaft Pulley to your Engine.”





Front Timing Chain Case

Step 01

Retrieve your engine assembly from the previous pack. Fit the Front Timing Chain Case to the front right of the Timing Chain Case as shown, and secure it into place with six (6) KM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal.

Throughout this engine build, I have been painting ‘bolt heads’ with my Metallic Gold Sharpie. I painted these screw heads in the same way. 

Step 02

Fit the Camshaft Sprocket Cover to this location on the Front Timing Chain Case, and secure it into place with three (3) HP screws:

Step 03

Retrieve your Thermostat assembly from Engine Pack 18 and press it onto the forward peg of the Hot Water Pipe, as shown:

Secure the Thermostat assembly to the Front Timing Chain Case with two (2) GP screws:

Step 04

Push the Camshaft Sprocket Cover Part onto the peg of the Camshaft Sprocket Cover, as shown:

Step 05

Slide the Crankshaft Pulley onto the keyed post of the Front Bearing Crankshaft as shown, and secure it into place with one (1) CM screw:


With this pack behind us, we are only one pack away from completing the engine section of this build!

Next Up

Engine 27 – Throttles, Throttle Bodies/Position Sensors, Intake Tubes

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