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“With [Engine] Pack 29, you will attach the Battery Box and its associated parts to the inside of the Pedestal.”





The Battery Box

Step 01

Retrieve your Pedestal assembly from the previous pack. Fit the Speaker Switch into this hole on the underside of the Pedestal, as shown:

Step 02

Place the Speaker Switch Base across the back of the Speaker Switch as shown, and secure it to the Pedestal with two (2) HP screws:

Step 03

Connect the plug of the Battery Box to the smaller plug of the Speaker Switch wiring.

Do not force these plugs as they should only fit correctly one way. The wiring colors should match on each side of the plugs. On my model, these plugs were already connected together:

Step 04

Secure the Battery Box to the inside of the Pedestal with two (2) HP screws, as shown.

Make sure that no wiring is pinched or trapped under the Battery Box:

Step 05

Fit the Battery Cover to the Battery Box as shown, and secure it closed with one (1) PM screw.

This is the screw that will need to be removed to insert the three (3) AAA batteries (not supplied) that power the Pedestal. Also, this screw tightens into a nut hiding on the other side of the Battery Box. On my model, this nut popped out and I needed to glue it back into place:

Step 06

Connect the larger plug of the Speaker Wiring to this socket on the Printed Circuit Board, as shown. Take care not to damage the pins:


These are about the simplest electronics I have seen in any partwork!

Next Up

Engine 30 – Pedestal Cover, Speakers/Bases, GT-R Logo

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