During the build of this Eaglemoss/IXO 1:8 scale Nissan GT-R (R35) partwork model, we will install hundreds of parts and screws. I thought it would be interesting to put a page together that tracked the number of parts and screws supplied in each pack. I have included ‘running totals’ as well.

NOTE: These numbers are for the stock build and do not include tools, spare screws, or any changes because of mods.

PackContentsPartsRunning TotalScrewsRunning Total
01Front Fascia662222
03Rear Brake Disc413428
04Rear Right Suspension922735
05Lights and License Plate527843
06Mounting the Engine532851
07Rear Gearbox and Half Shafts436253
08Front and Rear Gearbox Assembly440861
09Radiator and Water Tank8481273
11Rear Left Suspension858582
12Rear Suspension Lower Mount9671597
13Rear Suspension Upper Mount57216113
14Front Diffuser Panel1734117
15Rear Exhaust88110127
16Engine Intake Pipes109115142
17Engine Parts1410522164
18Rear Diffuser611116180
19Rear Left Brake Disc51164184
20Rear Left Wheel and Tire31191185
21Gear Shift Base Parts41234189
22Center Console412712201
23Interior Base11286207
24Rear Left Seat61346213
25Rear Right Seat61406219
26Foot Pedals31433222
27Front Left Seat (1)41478230
28Front Left Seat (2)31506236
29Front Right Seat (1)41548244
30Front Right Seat (2)31576250
31Rear Chassis11582252
32Front Chassis11594256
33Front and Rear Chassis Parts21618264
34Fuel Tank and Chassis Parts516621285
35Chassis Cables41704289
36Oil Pan31736295
37Exhaust Middle Section11742297
38Exhaust Front Section317715312
39Battery Components718410322
40Front Left Wheel31871323
41Front Left Suspension (1)41911324
42Front Left Suspension (2)41952326
43Front Left Suspension (3)31986332
44Front Left Brake System42024336
45Front Half Shafts32051337
46Front Right Suspension (1)42091338
47Front Right Suspension (2)42132340
48Front Right Suspension (3)32166346
49Front Right Brake System42204350
50Steering Rack (1)32234354
51Front Right Wheel32261355
52Front Suspension Arms42302357
53Front Suspension System123117374
54Dashboard (1)52364378
55Dashboard (2)52418386
56Steering System52467373
57Steering Rack (2)42502375
58Rear Left Side Panel & Front Seat Belt62566381
59Rear Right Side Panel & Front Seat Belt62626387
60Motherboard & Wiring1727933420
61Test the Lights52840420
62Trunk Board228616436
63Front Body32896440
64Rear Body12906446
65Right Side Skirt82984450
66Left Side Skirt93074454
67Engine Bay Panel33108462
68Right Headlight53156468
69Left Headlight532021489
71Windshield Wipers33244499
72Rear Window13256505
73Rear Quarter Glass23274509
74Rear View Mirror43311510
75Roof Panel1034119529
76Sun Visors43450529
77Door Kick Plates23474533
78Fuel Filler Assembly33503536
80Hood Inner Panel53587543
81Left Hood Hinge33615548
82Right Hood Hinge33649557
83Left Door63705562
84Left Wing Mirror23721563
85Left Door Panel53772565
86Left Door Window93868573
87Right Door63925578
88Right Wing Mirror23941579
89Right Door Panel53992581
90Right Door Window94088589
91Trunk Lid24100589
92Rear Spoiler34133592
93Trunk Lid Inner Trim14144596
94Right Trunk Hinge64209605
95Left Trunk Hinge64269614
96Rear Bumper14279623
97Rear Bumper Details44315628
98Rear Lights643723651
99Rear License Plate, Side Diffusers344012663
CAR TOTAL----------------------444---663
100Cylinder Block6644
103Crank Girdle465979
104Oil Pan5701392
105Left Cylinder Head575799
106Engine Valves3611112111
107Right Cylinder Head511613124
109Timing Chain Case31318146
110Rocker Covers1214318164
111Left Turbine Housing81519173
114Right Turbo Housing131778200
115Right Turbine Housing1319018218
116Spark Plugs142049227
118Air Filters1222318250
119Intake Manifold A1223511261
120Intake Manifold Collector724224285
121Timing Sprockets102521286
122Camshaft Chains (Jockey Sprockets)32555291
123Primary Timing Chain12560291
124Guide Plates1026610301
125Front Timing Chain Case427012313
126Throttle Body827812325
128Battery Box42845334
130Engine Support830020372
ENGINE TOTAL----------------------300---372
FINAL TOTAL----------------------744---1035

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  1. Hello,
    I used to have the full build instructions as a PDF but have somehow lost them! I was only reading them yesterday! would you be kind enough to email them too me? including the engine build too
    many thanks in advance

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