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“In this issue, you will assemble the Front Fascia of the NISSAN GT-R, including the distinctive Front Grille and Chin Spoiler. The parts fit easily together and these instructions take you through the construction in a few simple steps.”

This is where it all begins! I wasn’t going to build this model, yet here I am. I will say the parts look nice, so let’s go.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend reading through my Getting Started page first.



Materials: Normally, I would describe what the supplied parts are made out of here. However, this information is included in the parts list.

Magazine – Issue 01

  • Introduction to the Series: The Origin Story
  • The GT-R Story: The GT-R CONCEPT from 2001
  • Mechanics & Factory: The Premium Midship Package
  • Racing Legend: The Full Carbon GT-R
  • How to Build: Model Instructions

Life-Size Photographs

A 4-page foldout with full size color images of the model and the final dimensions:

  • 22.9″ (58cm) Length
  • 9.3″ (23.6cm) Width
  • 6.7″ (17cm) Height
  • 22 lbs (10kg) Weight


Front Fascia Assembly

Step 01

Line up the 4 holes on the bottom of the Grille Support with the same on the Inner Fascia. Join with four (4) AM screws.

TIP: Since these are the first screws of the build that drive into metal, I want to take a moment to recommend you read my 3-in-One Oil page. I did not start using this oil until much later in my build, but it has made such a difference I came back here to mention it now.

Step 02

Insert two (2) AM screws through the end tabs of the Inner Fascia assembly and fasten to the Front Fascia:

Step 03

Push the pin of the GT-R Emblem through the upper hole in the Upper Grille and secure it into place with one (1) BP screw, as shown:

Step 04

Fit this Upper Grille assembly to the combined Front Fascia assembly. Line up the eight holes and attach the grille with four (4) BM screws along the top and four (4) BP screws along the bottom:

I paid close attention here to use the appropriate screws as the top and bottom row are different:

Step 05

Fit the Lower Grille to cover the gap in the Front Fascia assembly and secure with seven (7) BM screws:


This completes our first pack of parts. The Front Fascia is a nice heavy piece of metal, the meshes are etched metal, and the rest of the parts are plastic. To be honest, I wasn’t very excited about this build,  but I am kind of enjoying it so far. The magazine included this month contains the instructions for both this pack and the next.

Next Up

Pack 02 – Wheels: Rear Right Tire/Wheel (Single)

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