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“Now it is time to fit the Rear Right Tire to the Rear Right Wheel of your NISSAN GT-R model.”




Wheel Assembly

Step 01

The Tire needs to fit tightly on the Wheel, so it should first be soaked in warm water for a few minutes.

Eaglemoss recommends a water temperature of at least 96.8F (36C) here:

Step 02

Press the Wheel into the Tire making sure the rough side of the tread pattern is facing out:

This pack also comes with a Wheel Cap and couple of CM screws, but they will be used after the wheel is mounted.


This Wheel is a big chunk of metal, and with the rubber Tire installed, the whole thing is quite heavy. But, it does give us an idea of just how heavy this model will end up being when completed.

Next Up

Pack 03 – Suspension: Rear Right Brake Disc/Caliper

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