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“In this magazine, you will fit together the parts that make up the Rear Right Brake Disc for your NISSAN GT-R (R35).”

The Brake Caliper will not be used, so set it aside until the next pack.




  • 2mm Phillips-head Screwdriver

Free Gift #1 – Toolkit

Magazine – Issue 02

  • The GT-R Story: Nissan Sets a Launch Date
  • Mechanics & Factory: The Bespoke VR38DETT Engine
  • Racing Legend: The GT-R Super GT
  • How to Build: Model Instructions
  • Spotlight On: 1933 Datsun Type 12 Phaeton


Rear Brake Disc Assembly

Step 01

Hold the Brake Disc Base with the vanes up, place the Brake Disc Plate onto it, and align the two mounting holes.

The cross-drilled holes in the Brake Disc Plate should follow the shape of the vanes underneath. If not, flip it over:

Step 02

Push the two pegs of the Brake Disc Plate Hub through the Brake Disc Plate and into the Brake Disc Base:

Step 03

From the opposite side of the Brake Disc Plate Hub, fasten these parts together with two (2) BP screws.

Be careful here, these screws can be easy to strip. Do not over-tighten them:


This pack was only three short steps, but the brake disc looks amazing! All of these parts will be used in the next pack, so keep them nearby.

Next Up

Pack 04 – Suspension: Right Rear Knuckle/Shock/Spring/Strut Bars/Roll Bars

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