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“In this section, you will fit the Rear Gearbox Base and the Half Shafts to the Rear Gearbox.”




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Rear Gearbox and Half Shafts

Step 01

The Rear Gearbox Case has two protruding pegs that match these holes in bottom of the Rear Gearbox:

Fit the Rear Gearbox Case to the Rear Gearbox as shown:

Then, secure the case to the Rear Gearbox from underneath with two (2) HP screws:

Step 02

Slide the Left Rear Half Shaft into this hole of the Rear Gearbox. Expect these to be loose until they are held in place in Pack 12.

The two half shafts are exactly the same, so it doesn’t matter which one you use here:

Step 03

Slide the Right Rear Half Shaft into the other side of the Rear Gearbox. It will also be loose, just like the left side:


Well, that was not much of an issue. It also involves loose parts which do not excite me (as it is more to keep track of). Keep this assembly nearby as it will be needed in the next pack. Only the Rear Gearbox is metal, and the rest of the pack is plastic.

Next Up

Pack 08 – Engine: Front Gearbox, Lower Half Shaft, Lower Gear Shafts

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