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“Now you will fit the Front Gearbox Section to the Rear Gearbox and add the Lower Half Shaft and Lower Gear Shafts.”

Only two of the GM screws in this pack will be used, but the rest will be needed later. Store them safely for now.




Front and Rear Gearbox Assembly

Step 01

Attach the Front Gearbox Section to the Rear Gearbox assembly (from the previous issue) as shown, and secure with two (2) GM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal. I was not using it yet at this point in my build and this is why. The right screw went in fine, but the left screw head snapped off:

At the time, my only solution was to super glue the parts and the head back into the hole:

This is what the front of the Gearbox should look like:

Step 02

Slide the Lower Half Shaft into this hole of the Front Gearbox Section. Expect it to be loose as it will be held in place by later parts.

The end with the thicker section is what fits into the gearbox (and the two holes in it should be facing up):

Step 03

Slide the Lower Gear Shaft (Rear) into the other hole of the Front Gearbox Section. It will also be loose, just like the other shaft:

Step 04

Slide the Lower Gear Shaft (Front) into the free end of the Lower Gear Shaft (Rear). Again, it will be loose, just like all the rest:


What is with all these loose parts? I know they will be secured in later packs, but not within this month’s shipment. This means storing a lot of loose parts for who knows how long. Try to keep these organized if you can. But, on the bright side, all of the parts in this pack are metal!

Next Up

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