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“Now it is time to fit your NISSAN GT-R (R35) model’s Intercooler to the Intercooler Base.”





Build the Intercooler

Step 01

Slot the pegs on the bottom of the Intercooler into these holes of the Intercooler Base, as shown:

Step 02

From underneath, secure these parts together with two (2) HP screws:


Uh, two parts and two screws is all we needed to do in this pack. And, that is how we end this month’s delivery of parts. We put a lot of random pieces together and now need to put them in storage until later. Keep any spare screws as well, they will be used in the future. Both parts in this pack are plastic.

Next Up

Pack 11 – Suspension: Rear Left Knuckle/Shock/Spring/Strut Bars

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