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“Now you will fit together more parts of the Rear Suspension and then combine them with parts you received in [Pack 7], [Pack 12], and this magazine.”





Rear Suspension Upper Mount

Step 01

Fit the Big Join Clamps onto the Upper Mount as shown, and secure with two (2) AM screws.

These Big Join Clamps only fit one way, and have an alignment pin to make sure. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Next, fit the Small Join Clamps onto the Upper Mount as shown, and secure from underneath with two (2) AM screws.

These Small Join Clamps have keyed posts and a beveled edge, so they will only fit one way:

Step 02

Retrieve the Rear Cross Member assembly from the previous pack. Take note that the Brake Cable from the wheel assembly will need to pass through this groove between the Upper Mount/Rear Cross Member, and the ends of the Lower Sway Bars sit in the recesses:

Place the Upper Mount onto the Rear Cross Member, aligning the eight posts and holes:

Check the Brake Cable again, just to be sure it is aligned in the groove (and can easily move back and forth):

Step 03

Secure the Upper Mount to the Rear Cross Member with eight (8) AM screws:

Step 04

Fit the Upper Join into the slots of the Big/Small Join Clamps on the Rear Cross Member. Secure each ‘leg’ of the Upper Join with one (1) FM screw and nut (pointing the screws towards each other).

This second screw/nut will require a little force to align the holes; you are working against the resistance of the Anti Roll Bar:

And, from a different angle:

Step 05

Repeat the previous step to secure the other Upper Join on the left side with two (2) FM screws and nuts:

Step 06

Slot the Right Rear Half Shaft (from Pack 07) into the hole of the right Knuckle Base (behind the center of the wheel), as shown.

These two half shafts are identical, so it doesn’t matter which one you use here:

Slot the Left Rear Half Shaft (from Pack 07) into the hole of the left Knuckle Base in the same way:

Step 07

Angle the free ends of the Half Shafts downward and angle them into the matching holes of the Rear Gearbox (from Pack 07):

Then, fit the Rear Gearbox over the matching post on the Rear Cross Member and secure with one (1) HM screw:


I think these components look fantastic. It is sad that most of this detail will be hidden behind bodywork and underneath a heavy model once we are finished. But, the show must go on! Keep any spare screws as they will be needed later.

Next Up

Pack 14 – Body: Front Diffuser Panel

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