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“Now you will fit the Gear Lever and the Handbrake to the Gear Shift Base, which is located in the interior of your model NISSAN GT-R (R35) between the front seats.”




Gear Shift Base Parts

Step 01

Push the Gear Lever into this hole of the Gear Shift Base, aligning the tab to the slot:

Secure the Gear Lever into place from below with one (1) GP screw:

Step 02

Push the peg on the Handbrake into the matching hole of the Gear Shift Base, as shown:

Secure from below with one (1) GP screw:


Well, that pack went by fast! We did not use the Rear Console Speaker or the extra GP screws this time, so keep them safe as we will need them soon.

Running Total of screws used so far: 149

Next Up

Pack 22 – Interior: Center Console, Arm Rest, Cup Holder

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