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“In this section, you will attach the combined Center Console, which you built in [the previous pack], to your NISSAN GT-R (R35) model’s Interior Base.”




Magazine – Issue 07

  • The GT-R Story: The New 08 NISSAN GT-R is Revealed
  • Mechanics & Factory: The Final Bench Tests at Yokohama
  • Racing Legend: The GT-R’s Debut at Silverstone
  • How to Build: Model Instructions
  • Spotlight On: Prince Sedan Deluxe Type AISH – 11


Interior Base

Step 01

Retrieve the Center Console assembly from the previous pack. Slot it into the Interior Base as shown.

Slide the front edge in first to make this simpler:

From below, secure the Center Console into place with five (5) GP screws (saved from the previous packs):


Hard to get too excited about this super short issue, but we did get a nice big piece of the model this time. Once again, screws supplied with a pack are not used in that same pack (these CP ones), so save them for later.

Next Up

Pack 24 – Interior: Rear Left Seat, Seat Belt/Buckle/Clip

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