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“Now you will assemble the Rear Left Safety Belt parts and attach the Rear Left Seat to the Interior Base.”





The Rear Left Seat

Step 01

Push the peg of the Seat Belt Buckle into this hole of the Rear Left Seat, as shown.

While the image in the magazine is correct to the real car (the thicker side of the red ‘release button’ should be away from the passenger), the Seat Belt Buckles I was supplied simply do not fit flush that way. A small discrepancy, and on the back seat, so I will let it go. No glue is needed here:

Step 02

Thread one end of the Safety Belt in and out of the Seat Belt Pin 2.

Seat Belt Pin 2 and Seat Belt Pin 4 are marked with ‘2’ and ‘4’ to tell them apart:

Make sure you position the hole in Seat Belt Pin 2 correctly, as shown:

Step 03

Align the pin and hole of Seat Belt Pin 2 with the matching hole on the Interior Base assembly (from the previous pack).

The hole on the Interior Base is also marked with a ‘2’ to match the Seat Belt Pin 2:

Secure this to the Interior Base with one (1) HM screw.

This is strange. Typically any screw ending with ‘M’ is designed to be driven into metal. And, the threads on these HM screws are very fine as we would use on metal. However, we are using it on plastic here:

Step 04

Thread the free end of the Safety Belt up through this slot in the Rear Left Seat:

Then, fit the four pegs on the back of the Rear Left Seat into the matching holes of the Interior Base:

Step 05

While holding the seat in place, secure it to the Interior Base from below with four (4) GP screws:

Step 06

Thread the Seat Belt Clip over the free end of the Safety Belt, then feed the end through this slot of the Interior Base.

The Seat Belt Clip holds itself along the belt, so you can position it wherever you like. Adjust the Safety Belt so there is no slack in it. Also, the Seat Belt Clip does not function, so do not try to clip it into the buckle:

Step 07

Beneath the Interior Base, thread the Safety Belt in and out of Seat Belt Pin 4, as shown:

Match up the pin and hole of Seat Belt Pin 4 to the matching location on the Interior Base marked with a ‘4’:

Secure with one (1) HM screw:


The first seat has been installed on our GT-R’s interior. We will install the other rear seat in the next pack so get ready to do this all again!

Next Up

Pack 25 – Interior: Rear Right Seat, Seat Belt/Buckle/Clip

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