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“Now you will fit the Gas and Brake Pedals, plus the Foot Rest, to the Interior Base of your NISSAN GT-R (R35) model.”





The Foot Pedals

Step 01

Align the hole on the end of the Brake Pedal to the holes of the Gas Pedal Assembly as shown. Secure with one (1) JP screw:

When I first saw this Brake Pedal, I thought there was a little extra flashing on the end from the molding process and I almost snipped it off. Turns out this tab is by design, so DO NOT remove this! This keeps the pedal from moving too far up:

Step 02

Fit the Gas Pedal Assembly to the Interior Base assembly (from the previous pack) as shown. Secure these from the top with two (2) GP screws:

Make sure the peg behind the Brake Pedal fits through the hole in the firewall:

Step 03

Press the two pegs on the back of the Foot Rest into these matching holes near the other pedals. This is a press fit and does not need glue:

I found this easier to install by starting the upper peg first, then press them both into place:


All four packs in this issue were really short and easy. I want to build more than a few little things each month! I guess it is still progress.

Next Up

Pack 27 – Interior: Front Left Seat Base/Buckle

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