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“In this section, you will assemble the bottom half of the Front Left Seat of your model NISSAN GT-R (R35).”




Magazine – Issue 08

  • The GT-R Story: A Glittering Array of Honors
  • Mechanics & Factory: The GT-R’s Power and Response
  • Racing Legend: The FIA GT1 at Oschersleben
  • How to Build: Model Instructions

Free Gift #3 – Specification Stand

Free Gift #4 – Display Base


The Front Left Seat

Step 01

Place the Adjustable Bar on top of the Holder Rack as shown. It should be able to move back and forth.

NOTE: While building the next pack, I realized I put this on wrong! The picture below is incorrect, so flip the Adjustable Bar 180 degrees here:

I did want to mention the nice little details I saw here, such as the seat heater switch and recline controls printed on the side of the seat:

Step 02

Fit the Seat Base on top of this assembly. The four posts underneath the Seat Base should fit into the matching posts of the Holder Bar:

Step 03

While holding these parts together, secure them with four (4) GP screws.

Again, this picture is incorrect, the Adjustable Bar should be the 180 degrees from what you see. I do make mistakes too! Ensure the bar can still move back and forth. If not, loosen these screws a bit:

Step 04

Fit the peg of the Seat Belt Buckle into this location on the Seat Base. Make sure the ‘L’ printed on it faces towards the seat.

The orientation of this in the magazine imagery is wrong. This is how it should look:


I do enjoy the little details of these seats. I do wish they were more realistic in texture, but they are just hard plastic.

Next Up

Pack 28 – Interior: Front Left Seat

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