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“Now you will complete the assembly of the Front Left Seat for your model NISSAN GT-R (R35).”





The Front Left Seat

Step 01

Push the four pegs on the back of the Seat Back into the matching locations on the Seat Back Panel.

You can see these four pegs in the lower half of both parts here:

Make sure when you fit these together to align this peg into the hole at the top of the seat:

The final result should look like this:

Secure the seat back together with four (4) GP screws:

Step 02

Push the four pins of the Seat Back Cover into the matching holes of the Seat Back Panel.

One of my pins on the Seat Back Cover broke off during shipping:

No worries, though, as it still holds itself in place without any glue or screws:

Step 03

Slot the seat back assembly between the upright parts of the Seat Base assembly (from the previous pack). Align the holes at the pivot point and secure both sides with two (2) KP screws:

Our seat should now look like this. As long as these screws are not too tight, you should be able to recline the seat back and forth a little:

Step 04

Retrieve the Interior Base assembly (from Pack 26).  Fit this seat assembly to the matching holes in the left side floor.

THIS is where I realized I put the Adjustable Bar on backwards in the last pack. I had to disassemble the seat base to flip it around:

Now, it fits flush into the interior correctly!

Step 05

Hold the seat assembly in place and secure it to the interior from below with four (4) GP screws:


Ya know, I thought about going back and taking pictures of the seat assembly the right way. But, I am human and make mistakes, and I thought it would be beneficial to show that. It was not a big deal and was easy to fix. As for this pack assembly, it went together quite well and looks pretty sharp once finished. Also, you should be able to slide this seat back and forth a little now.

Next Up

Pack 29 – Interior: Front Right Seat Base/Buckle

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