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“In this section of the build, you will attach the Rear Exhaust Holder that came with [Pack 15] to the Rear Chassis of your model NISSAN GT-R (R35).”



Magazine – Issue 09

  • The GT-R Story: Porsche Disputes Nürburgring Lap Record
  • Mechanics & Factory: Gear Shift Timing: 0.2 seconds!
  • Racing Legend: The 2009 FIA GT1 R35 GT-R Specifications
  • How to Build: Model Instructions
  • Spotlight On: 1961 Datsun Fairlady Type SPL213


The Rear Chassis

Step 01

Retrieve the Rear Exhaust Holder left over from Pack 15:

Slot the two pegs of the Rear Exhaust Holder into these matching holes on the Rear Chassis:

Step 02

While keeping the Rear Exhaust Holder in place, turn the assembly over and secure it with two (2) GP screws:


There was only one thing to do in this pack, but it is worth noting that the Rear Chassis is solid metal and quite heavy! Before we add the rear suspension, I will throw it on the scale to see how much it weighs.

Running Total of screws used so far: 208

Next Up

Pack 32 – Frame: Front Chassis

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