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“In this [pack], you will attach the Chassis Cables and their Large Brackets to your NISSAN GT-R (R35) model.”




Magazine – Issue 10

  • The GT-R Story: Speculation Ends as SpecV is Announced
  • Mechanics & Factory: The World’s Fastest Shift Control’s Electronics
  • Racing Legend: The Tokachi 24-hour Race
  • How to Build: Model Instructions


  • Forceps


The Chassis Cables

Step 01

Take the Chassis Cables and note this pin on the block at the end:

Retrieve the Chassis assembly from the previous pack and turn it upside down. Locate these two holes along the passenger side. The pin circled above should fit into this hole:

Fit the pin of the Chassis Cables into the smaller of the two holes, aligning the larger screw hole as shown:

While holding the Chassis Cables in place, turn the entire assembly over and secure these together with one (1) Type MP screw:

Steps 02-03

The three Large Brackets are used to hold these cables in place. These attach in the same way as the Chassis Cables, with a pin and a screw. Fit one of the Large Brackets over the cables as shown, aligning the pin and hole as before.

You may want to mount this first, then use the supplied forceps (or your own tweezers) to feed each cable through the bracket:

From the opposite side, secure this into place with one (1) Type MP screw:

Repeat the process for the remaining two Large Brackets using two (2) more Type MP screws:

Step 04

Feed the loose ends of the Chassis Cables through these blocks, as shown:

The two on the left go through the small bracket and the three cables on the right go through the two medium brackets. No glue is needed here:


This pack was a little fiddly, but overall it was pretty simple. Keep this Chassis nearby, we will need it for the next pack.

Next Up

Pack 36 – Frame: Oil Pan, Rear Cross Member, Lower Chassis Plate

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