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“It is time to complete the assembly of the Exhaust System and attach it to the Chassis of your NISSAN GT-R (R35) model.”





The Exhaust Front Section

Step 01

Retrieve the Exhaust assembly from the previous pack:

Fit the Exhaust Front Section under the end, aligning the two holes as shown.

Make sure these exhaust parts are aligned as shown:

Secure these parts together with two (2) Type HP screws:

Step 02

Fit the two holes of the Middle Cross Member over these matching posts of the Exhaust Front Section:

Secure these together with two (2) Type HP screws:

Step 03

Retrieve the Chassis assembly from Pack 36, turn it upside down, and locate these nine mounting points for the Exhaust:

Fit the Exhaust assembly to the Chassis, aligning all nine posts into the matching mounting points.

There is one thing the instructions do not mention. These two exhaust hangers (circled below)…

… need to slide into these square recesses as you are placing the Exhaust assembly onto the Chassis. Otherwise, the mounting posts will not sit flush:

When the Exhaust assembly is in place, it should look like this:

Step 04

While holding the Exhaust assembly in place, secure the front section to the Chassis (from the other side) with two (2) Type LP screws:

Step 05

Secure the middle of the Exhaust assembly in place with two (2) Type HP screws at the Middle Cross Member:

Step 06

Finish securing the rear of the Exhaust assembly in place with five (5) Type LP screws, as shown:

Step 07

Fit the Front Cross Member Bar to the underside of the Chassis assembly, as shown:

Step 08

While holding the Front Cross Member Bar in place, secure from the other side with two (2) Type HP screws:


Well, the four packs of this issue are now complete. We’ve managed to add the exhaust system and some Chassis details, but not much more. Next month, we start on the front suspension, so that should give us a nice challenge!

Next Up

Pack 39 – Frame: Battery Box/Cover, ON/OFF Switch/Holder

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