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“Let’s continue building the Front Left Suspension of your model NISSAN GT-R (R35) by part-assembling the Half Shafts.”





Front Half Shafts

The Left Half Shaft and Right Half Shaft are different. The Right Half Shaft has these two notches in the tab at the end:

Step 01

Place the tab of the Right Front Half Shaft into this notch of the Middle Front Half Shaft and secure these with one (1) HP screw.

In order to ensure this is installed correctly, take note of this extra ‘half-circle’ of plastic at the base of the tab:

This ‘half-circle’ side should be facing down towards the Middle Front Half Shaft, as shown:


Well, that was a fast pack! We did not use the Left Front Half Shaft in this pack. Keep all of these parts in a safe place for now as won’t attach them to the car until Pack 53.

Next Up

Pack 46 – Suspension: Front Right Arm Join/Lower Swing Arm, Hinges

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