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“Continue building your models’ Front Right Suspension.”

This will be a near copy of Pack 43, just on the right side of the car.




Front Right Suspension

Step 01

Just like before, fit the arms of the Upper Swing Arm between these tabs of the Upper Swing Arm Base and align the holes. Feed two (2) EM screws (one through each side) and secure the screws in place with a nut, as shown:

Step 02

Place Hinge A on top of the Upper Swing Arm Base as shown, and secure with two (2) HM screws.

One of the mounting posts on the Upper Swing Arm Base has a small key tab on it that aligns to a small notch in the Hinge A to align it correctly.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 03

Retrieve your Front Right Suspension assembly from the previous pack. Fit the top of the Stroke (shock absorber) into the tabs of Hinge A with the four studs on top of the Upper Swing Arm Base facing up, as shown:

Secure these together with one (1) FM screw and nut from this side, as shown.

This screw head is partially blocked by the Upper Swing Arm, so it took a little bit of patience to get this nice and tight:

Step 04

Align the large hole of the Upper Swing Arm over the top hole of the Knuckle Base.

I had to work the post of the Knuckle Base into the hole of the Upper Swing Arm by twisting it a little. The black paint makes for less tolerance here and I needed to basically remove a bit of the paint. This pivot point is critical to making sure the steering will work:

Secure these together with one (1) NM screw.

When this is fully tight, the Knuckle Base should still be able to easily rotate around this point:


This wraps up the duplicate efforts to build the opposite front suspension. We can now move on to the steering system.

Next Up

Pack 49 – Suspension: Front Right Brake Disc/Caliper

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