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“Now you will assemble the Front Right Brake Disc and add the Brake Caliper to the Front Left Suspension of your model.”

This will be a near copy of Pack 44, just on the right side of the car.




Front Right Brake System

Step 01

With the vanes of the Brake Disc Base facing up, align the larger holes of the Brake Disc Plate on top.

The smaller cross-drilled holes in the Brake Disc Plate should follow the shape of the vanes underneath. If not, flip it over. Here, I re-used the picture of the previous front left Brake Disc assembly (the difference between the two being the pattern of holes/vanes is opposite):

Step 02

Fit the two pegs of the Brake Disc Plate Hub into these two larger holes, as shown.

This is an accurate picture of this front right Brake Disc assembly, note the different holes/vane pattern vs the left side above:

Step 03

Secure these together from the reverse side with two (2) MP screws.

Be careful screwing these in, they can strip easily:

Step 04

Retrieve your Front Right Suspension assembly from the previous pack. Fit the legs of the Brake Caliper to the back of the Knuckle Base and secure this in place with two (2) HM screws, as shown.

Take care not to pinch the brake hose between the caliper and the knuckle. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:


Still more duplicate work, just on the right side.

Next Up

Pack 50 – Suspension: Steering Shaft/Rack/Base

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