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“Now you will attach the Motherboard and begin the Wiring for the Lights of your NISSAN GT-R (R35) model.”





Motherboard & Wiring

Step 01

Retrieve your Chassis from the previous pack. Remove the backing of the Insulating Paper and place it (sticky-side down) over these four pegs of the Front Chassis.

There are pre-punched holes in the Insulating Paper which I poked out with a screwdriver tip:

Step 02

Fit the four Washers over the posts protruding through the Insulating Paper, as shown:

Step 03

Connect the plug of the Brake Pedal Switch to this connector of the Motherboard.

Make sure the polarity of these plugs is correct (matching the wire colors together). They only fit one way so don’t force them:

Steps 04-05

Fit the Motherboard to the Front Chassis, aligning the four holes over the Washers/posts, and secure it in place with four (4) GM screws.

Do not over-tighten these screws. You can damage the delicate circuit board, so just get them snug. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 06

Insert the connector of the ON/OFF Switch (from Pack 39) into this socket of the Motherboard, as shown:

Step 07

Fit the ring on the end of the thick red wire over this post of the Front Chassis, then place the Wire Clip over the ring while capturing the rear wires of the Motherboard, and secure all of these in place with one (1) DM screw.

It is not mentioned, but this red wire seems to be the antenna for the remote receiver. Therefore, I scrapped off the paint on the post to allow for a better connection:

Step 08

Route the wires from the front of the Motherboard forward and over to the right of the Front Chassis, securing them in place with four of the Wire Clips and using four (4) DM screws, as shown.

The four Wire Clips shown in the instructions are marked in yellow below. However, I also had an extra Wire Clip that I used to secure the ON/OFF switch wire (circled in red below):

Route the wires from the rear of the Motherboard backwards and into this u-shaped groove of the Rear Chassis, securing them in place with four of the Wire Clips and using four (4) DM screws, as shown:

The two rear sets of wires should be tucked into this U-shaped groove. The four-pin connector of the rear wires should be on the left side of the car, with the two-pin connector on the right. The picture below is wrong as I had them BACKWARDS, so I noted this with the yellow arrow:

Step 09

Fit the Brake Pedal Switch Base onto the Front Chassis as shown:

Secure this into place from below with one (1) GP screw:

Step 10

Insert the Brake Pedal Switch into the top of the Brake Pedal Switch Base as shown and secure it with one (1) GP screw:


Installing the wiring in any partwork build can be a challenge, but this GT-R’s wiring was actually pretty simple. Keep the unused AM, HM, CM, and HP screws as they will be used later.

Next Up

Pack 61 – Frame: Key Controller, Interior Light Switch, LEDs for Headlights/Interior Light/Brake Lights

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