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“Next, you will add multiple parts – from this and previous [packs] – to the Chassis of your NISSAN GT-R (R35) model, including the Engine, Radiator, Intercooler, Front Wheels and the Car Trunk.”





Assemble Multiple Parts

Step 01

Retrieve your Chassis assembly from the previous pack and the Engine Bay assembly from Pack 17. Fit the Engine Bay assembly onto the Front Chassis, aligning the four mounting holes as shown:

Secure the Engine Bay assembly into place from below with four (4) HP screws:

Step 02

Retrieve the Radiator Base with Pattern from Pack 09. Fit the two lower posts of this radiator to these mounting holes of the Front Chassis in front of the Engine Bay, as shown:

Secure this into place from below with two (2) HP screws.

My HP screws were simply not long enough to reach the posts of the radiator so I could not use them. I tried other screws, but nothing worked. I ended up just super gluing the radiator posts into place. This photo is where the screws should have gone:

Step 03

Retrieve the Intercooler assembly from Pack 10. Fit the two lower posts of this assembly to these mounting holes of the Front Chassis in front of the Engine Bay, as shown:

Secure this into place from below with two (2) HP screws:

Step 04

Retrieve your Front Suspension assembly from Pack 53. Position the Front Suspension to the forward underside of the Front Chassis between the wheel wells, aligning the four mounting holes as shown and securing this with four (4) AM screws.

Be sure the steering tab is centered before you place this Front Suspension:

Also, make sure to seat both Upper Swing Arm Bases into the appropriate locations inside both wheel arches:

Then, we can secure this Front Suspension in place. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 05

On the right side, secure the Upper Swing Arm Base to the Front Chassis with two (2) HM screws, as shown:

On the left side, secure the Upper Swing Arm Base to the Front Chassis with two (2) HM screws, as shown:

While not mentioned in the instructions, I found these small notches that I think are for the front brake hoses. The same type of notch was used on the rear suspension for the rear brakes. Therefore, I trimmed the hoses down a bit and super glued them into place:

Step 06

Retrieve the two Washers from Pack 51 and fit them over the central post of the left side Knuckle Base, as shown:

Retrieve the Front Left Brake Disc from Pack 44 and fit it over the central post of the Knuckle Base and inside the caliper, as shown:

Repeat steps 05 and 06 on the right side of the Front Suspension using two (2) more HM screws, the Washers from Pack 40, and the Front Right Brake Disc from Pack 49:

Step 07

Retrieve the Left Front Wheel from Pack 40 and fit it over the left front Knuckle Base post, aligning the key of the wheel to the notch in the Brake Disc and secure it onto the car with one (1) CM screw.

Once the wheel is mounted, you can install the center Wheel Cap. (also from Pack 40).

I do not add the Wheel Caps on my models until the very end of the build just in case I need to remove or tighten the wheel later on:

Repeat this step on the right side to mount the other wheel using the Right Front Wheel and Wheel Cap from Pack 51 and one (1) CM screw:

Step 08

Retrieve the Front Diffuser Panel from Pack 14. Secure this to the underside of the car as shown, using two (2) SM screws here…

… and two (2) HP screws from the topside of the Chassis:

Step 09

Align the four posts of the Car Trunk to the matching holes of the Rear Chassis. Secure this in place with four (4) GM screws, as shown:

Step 10

Fit the Car Trunk Board to the Car Trunk and secure with two (2) GP screws, as shown.

Make sure the rear lighting wires are down in the U-shaped channels before installing this part. There are three small pins on the bottom of the Car Trunk Board that fit into matching holes of the Rear Chassis:

Step 11

Retrieve your Interior assembly and place it onto the Chassis while connecting the two-pronged plug for the Dashboard lighting:

This is a good time to make sure the front wheels are straight, the steering wheel is straight, and you mesh these steering gears together:

Step 12

Press the four bottom posts of the Interior assembly into these matching holes of the Chassis:

On the left side with the Motherboard, you really have to squeeze the Interior assembly down to get this to fit, compressing the wiring:

Secure the Interior into place from below with four (4) CP screws:

One final thing to check is that the post behind the Brake Pedal is not pinched on top of the Brake Pedal Switch (mine was). Use some tweezers or similar tool to ensure the pedal post is in front of the contacts and operating the pedal closes the contacts:

With this pack complete, our GT-R is looking quite amazing!


These big issues where we install lots of parts we have been saving make me feel great! Store this entire assembly somewhere safe for a while as we are going to start on the exterior body in the next few packs.

Next Up

Pack 63 – Body: Front Body, Side Vents

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