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“Now you will combine the Rear and Front Bodies of your NISSAN GT-R (R35) model.”





  • A Phillips-Head Screwdriver (appears to be PH1 size)


The Rear Body

Step 01

Remove the screws holding the three metal supports across the bottom of the Rear Body and discard the supports:

Step 02

Fit the Front Body to the front of the Rear Body, aligning the screw holes. You may have to push them together quite hard:

Step 03

Secure the bodies together with four (4) AM screws across the top.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 04

Turn this Body assembly upside down, and further secure them together with two (2) CM screws, as shown.

This was not as easy as they made it sound. The holes did not line up and there was a pretty decent gap along the bottom:

I needed to ‘squeeze’ these parts together to get the screw in, and I had to wrap the parts in a towel to protect my hand from the edges:

Squeezing with one hand to get the hole to line up, I drove the screw in with the other:

With the screw tightened, the gap is gone. This took a lot more force that I would have liked:

The other side was not as bad, but still required both hands doing some serious work:


Wow, just like that we have a GT-R body! Since this Rear Body is solid metal, this assembly has a lot of heft to it now. They even painted the A/B pillars and the lining around the trunk black. I do wish it would have lined up better right out of the box. I even loosened the first four screws thinking it would help the bottom holes line up, but it make no difference. Still, we made it through. These last packs have been quick!

Next Up

Pack 65 – Body: Right Side Skirt, Interior Light Switch Clips, Wire Clip

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