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“Now you will attach the Windshield to the body of your NISSAN GT-R (R35) model.”





The Windshield

Step 01

Retrieve your GT-R Body assembly. Fit the Windshield into place from above, as shown.

This Windshield takes some work to get into place correctly. Take your time and make small adjustments so you do not crack/break it:

The top three mounting tabs of the Windshield go under the front edge of the roof…

… while the bottom mounting posts fit down into these three holes on top of the body…

… and at the same time the sides clip into grooves of the A-pillars so they should be flush:

Step 02

Secure the top edge of the Windshield to the inside roof of the Rear Body with three (3) QM screws, as shown.

Do not over-tighten these screws as you could easily crack the plastic:

Secure the outer bottom edge of the Windshield to the body from underneath using two (2) GP screws, one on either side, as shown:

Secure the center bottom edge of the Windshield to the body from underneath using one (1) KP screw, as shown.

This screw is really long and can go ‘too’ far in, possibly damaging the lower center tab of the windshield. Take care here and don’t over-tighten:


With how long the previous pack took to build, this one flew by and was super easy! The Windshield is very detailed and pre-printed with the black surround and ‘dot matrix’ pattern. It also comes with two clear vinyl static cling covers (inside and outside) to protect it. I highly recommend leaving these in place to protect the plastic as we continue the model. I only remove them for the pictures. These static clings may leave undesirable marks on the plastic, but we can clean them off easily with eyeglass cleaning liquid and a microfiber cloth.

Next Up

Pack 71 – Body: Front Wipers/Base

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