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“In this [pack], you will assemble the Windshield Wipers and attach them to your NISSAN GT-R (R35) model.”




Magazine – Issue 19

  • The GT-R Story: Nissan Meets Customization Demands
  • Mechanics & Factory: The R35 GT-R Goes on the Production Line
  • Racing Legend: Excitement at the 2009 NISMO Festival
  • How to Build: Model Instructions


The Windshield Wipers

Step 01

The two Front Wipers are marked L and R for left and right:

Fit the posts of the Left Front Wiper and Right Front Wiper to the corresponding locations on the Front Wiper Base, as shown:

Secure both wipers to the base from below with two (2) IP screws:

Step 02

Retrieve your GT-R Body assembly. Fit the two posts of the Front Wiper Base assembly into the matching holes of the Front Body as shown. Once fully seated, the wipers should almost touch the Windshield:

While holding this Front Wiper Base in place, secure it to the Front Body from below with two (2) GP screws:


A few screws to put in and this pack is done! I think the packs in this issue are going to go by fast.

Next Up

Pack 72 – Body: Rear Window

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