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“Next, you will assemble the Left Hood Hinge and attach it to the Hood of your model.”





The Left Hood Hinge

Step 01

Line up these holes of the Left Hood Hinge to the matching posts of the Left Hood Hinge Base, as shown.

The two riveted joints are movable and you will likely need to rotate them a little to get the eyelets to fit over these posts:

Secure these parts together with two (2) IM screws.

I was able to tighten these screws fully and the hinge still operated correctly. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 02

Retrieve your Hood assembly from the previous pack. Line up the tab of the Left Hood Hinge (with the two holes) to these matching holes on the left side of the Hood and secure them together with two (2) MM screws, as shown:

While you are tightening these two screws, keep slight pressure on the tab of the Hinge towards the Hood (yellow arrow below). Later on, this will help make the Hood sit flush to the front fenders:

Step 03

Fit the Left Hood Hinge Cover over the Left Hood Hinge, aligning its locating pin in this post, as shown:

Step 04

Secure the Left Hood Hinge Cover to the Hood with one (1) IM screw:


Something about this Hinge feels really flimsy. Try not to put any sideways or twisting force on it or it might break.

Next Up

Pack 82 – Body: Right Hood Hinge/Base/Cover

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