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“Now you will assemble the Right Wing Mirror and attach it to your model’s Left Door.”

This pack will be the same steps as Pack 84, just with the Right Door this time.




The Right Wing Mirror

Step 01

Remove the paper from the back of the Right Wing Mirror Surface, and stick the Right Wing Mirror Surface into the recess of the Right Wing Mirror.

Be sure this is installed the right way up, as shown. Note the clear protective film on the shiny face of the mirror:

Once this Mirror Surface is installed, we can remove this clear film:

Step 02

Retrieve your Right Door assembly from the previous pack. Fit the post of the Right Wing Mirror snugly into this matching hole on the exterior of the Right Door, as shown:

Step 03

While holding the Right Wing Mirror in place, secure it to the Right Door from the inside with one (1) GM screw.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:


This was a quick and easy pack, but now both of our Wing Mirrors are installed!

Next Up

Pack 89 – Body: Right Door Panel/Outlet/Electric Window Switch/Handle/Storage Panel

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