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“In this [pack], you will attach the Nissan Badge to the Trunk Lid of your NISSAN GT-R (R35) model.”




Magazine – Issue 24

  • The GT-R Story: The ‘R35 GT-R Club’
  • Mechanics & Factory: The Rear Spoiler, Steering Wheel & Headlights
  • Racing Legend: 2011 Super GT 4th and 5th Races
  • How to Build: Model Instructions


The Trunk Lid

Step 01

Push the two pins of the Nissan Badge into the matching holes at the center of the Trunk Lid, as shown. This is a press-fit connection:


A quick push of a badge and this pack is complete! Keep this Trunk Lid nearby as we will need it in the next pack.

Next Up

Pack 92 – Body: Rear Spoiler/Strut/Brake Light

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