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“Now you will assemble the Rear Lights and combine your model’s upper Car Body with its lower chassis.”




Magazine – Issue 26

  • The GT-R Story: Inside NordRing
  • Mechanics & Factory: Sound System, Dashboard Meters, and Lights
  • Racing Legend: 2011 Super GT Penultimate and Final Races
  • How to Build: Model Instructions


The Rear of the Car

These steps are in a slightly different order from the printed magazine instructions to make the process easier to follow.

Step 01

Retrieve your Rear Bumper assembly from the previous pack, and the Brake Lights wiring from Pack 61. Firmly press the four LEDs of the Brake Lights into the matching holes behind each of the four Tail Lights.

The plug of the Brake Lights should be on the left side of the Rear Bumper, as shown:

Make sure these LEDs are seated in as far as possible:

Step 02

Retrieve your GT-R from the previous pack .Connect the Brake Lights cable to the Brake Lights connector at the rear of the car.

Make sure to route the Brake Lights connector coming out of the car through this large hole at the left rear corner, as shown:

Step 03

Fit the Rear Bumper assembly to the rear end of your GT-R, making sure you tuck any extra wires out of the way.

To ensure the wiring connecting these left and right LEDs did not become trapped or damaged, I used some black electrical tape to secure it into this groove at the rear of the Body, as shown:

Then, I gently brought the Rear Bumper assembly to the Body, tucking the wiring into the Body as I went along. This step seemed to go easier if the Trunk Lid is opened first:

Secure the Rear Bumper to the Body with one (1) AM screw at the center of the Rear Bumper.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 04

Carefully turn your GT-R upside down on a soft cloth. Then, secure the Rear Bumper to the Chassis with two (2) AM screws, one on each side:

Step 05

Unpeel the label on the Rear License Plate and stick it into place at this location on the Rear Bumper, as shown.

Note that this picture is right side up for clarity, but we do still need the GT-R itself to be upside-down for Step 07:

Step 06

Retrieve your Rear Diffuser Panel from Pack 18. Fit the Left Side Diffuser to the Rear Diffuser Panel, aligning the screw holes as shown:

Secure the Left Side Diffuser to the Rear Diffuser Panel with two (2) HP screws:

In the same way, fit the Right Side Diffuser to the other side of the Rear Diffuser Panel and secure it with two (2) more HP screws:

When finished, our Rear Diffuser Panel should look like this:

Step 07

Fit the Rear Diffuser Panel assembly to the bottom rear of your GT-R, aligning the screw holes as shown:

Secure the Rear Diffuser Panel to the Chassis with eight (8) AM screws.

There are four screws at the rear edge:

And, there are four more screws at the front edge:


That’s it – Our Eaglemoss 1:8 scale NISSAN GT-R (R35) is now complete! The next pack only contains the optional floor Carpets. It took just short of 2.5 years from start to finish, but we ended up with a very nice replica of the real car and I am quite satisfied. I will put together a Final Thoughts page to sum up my experience soon!

Next Up

Pack 100 – Interior: Carpets

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