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Free Gift #1

The subscription-based version I have of this 1:8 scale Fast & Furious Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) partwork build-up includes five FREE gifts along the way. This includes a 1:43 scale version of the model, posters, a collector’s binder, a full-size license plate, and a mug. This first gift I received is this three-pack of small color posters from the movie. They are approximately 12″x16″ and printed on a medium weight paper.

I do not have a need for these, but my good friend was very excited to take them off my hands!


The GT-R is BACK!

After the unfortunate bankruptcy of Eaglemoss back in July 2022, current and new builders of this ‘Eaglemoss’ 1:8 scale Nissan GT-R partwork model were left without knowing if it would ever return.

Well, after many months of behind-the-scenes work sorting out legal, licensing, and logistics hurdles, the actual manufacturer of the parts (PCT/IXO) is now offering the model again directly from their website with worldwide shipping expected to start by June 30, 2023!

For ex-Eaglemoss subscribers: While IXO is only selling the GT-R as a FULL KIT on their website, they do plan on offering discount codes to ex-Eaglemoss subscribers sometime around the end of February 2023. These codes will reduce the price of the full kit relative to the number of issues that each customer already has in their possession. This effectively means that these builders will only pay for the issues they need to finish the model.

UPDATE August 2023:

This Nissan GT-R has temporarily been removed from the IXO website, but it should return in September.

UPDATE May 11, 2023:

IXO has provided some information and clarification regarding the discount codes that are available to ex-Eaglemoss customers who were building the Nissan GT-R and/or Willys MB Jeep. These codes are one-time use only and require an Eaglemoss customer number to validate. They will reduce the cost of the full kits to cover the issues you already have:

To have your personal code that can only be used once, you must first register on the IXOcollections site:


Then, you write to with the same email address as when you registered, giving your old Eaglemoss subscriber number for this collection and the last number received. IXOcollections will give you a discount code on the complete kit to be able to finish your collection.


ATTENTION: This is a personal code for former subscribers and not a promotional code to buy this kit.

Whether you are an existing builder, or wish to build this GT-R from the beginning, check out IXO’s Nissan GT-R product page!

Go to IXO Collections!

GT-R Nismo Full Kit

UPDATE: After the bankruptcy of Eaglemoss in July 2022, it is unknown if this partwork model will ever be available again. I have removed the links from this page until we learn something new.

Recently, I have been seeing advertisements in the US from Eaglemoss about their 1:8 scale NISSAN GT-R Nismo (R35) partwork. This partwork was only available in Japan for the longest time, so I feel I had share the big news that we may see it appear in the United States!

Nismo is short for NISsan MOtorsport International Co., Ltd. and this is a replica model of the 2013 special version of the GT-R that Nismo introduced at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show as the fastest volume production vehicle around the Nürburgring Nordschleife. While much of this model would be the same as what I built here at this site, there are some notable differences. Here are a few of the changes that I can see:

  • The Body is painted pearl-white, with black hood vents
  • The Wheels are black RAYS five-spokes with colored Nismo logo
  • The Side Mirrors are carbon-fiber with a red stripe
  • There is a lot of carbon-fiber looking lower body aerodynamic pieces (front splitter, side skirts, rear valance, rear racing spoiler)
  • Nismo logos on the upper Front Grille and Rear Bumper
  • Red accents inside the lower Front Grille ducts
  • The headlights are different
  • The seats are different (Recaro with red accents)
  • The upgraded engine has some different colors
  • Unlike mine, this one appears to have engine and horn sounds controlled by the remote

I did notice something new for Eaglemoss: This model is being offered as a FULL KIT and not a multi-year subscription (you would receive all of the model parts at once). Of course, that means we would have to shell out $1200 USD in a single payment. But, for some builders this is a very welcome option!

Currently, Eaglemoss is collecting names and emails to gauge interest in building this Nismo GT-R model (and likely see how willing US consumers are to buy costly Full Kits). I will say that if I had the choice back in 2019 I would have much rather built this version of the GT-R. If you would like to see this partwork become available in the United States, head over to the Eaglemoss NISSAN GT-R Nismo site and sign up!

Final Thoughts

Building this Eaglemoss/IXO 1:8 scale Nissan GT-R (R35) partwork model has been quite an experience. The car itself is beautiful – especially the highly detailed interior and engine. For the most part, everything fit together well and the electrics worked without any issues. I was very impressed by the suspension and all of the screw/nut connections. This design seemed to work better than just driving in a metal screw and hopefully leaving it loose enough to allow parts to rotate correctly.

About the only downside I can speak of is the paint. On my model, the main body is a different shade of silver than the hood, doors, and trunk. It is almost as if they were painted in two completely different releases. Still, I usually only notice it under certain lighting. All in all, I enjoyed building this GT-R and look forward to starting on the 1:5 scale VRF38DETT Engine as part of the subscription extension!

I will leave you with a few shots of the lighting turned on. This model has limited lights: the headlights and taillights (which are cool white for some reason) as well as the electroluminescent gauge cluster. All of these lights are controlled by the Key Controller, but I did have to put another two new CR2016 batteries in it. Apparently, this remote drains the batteries even when not in use.

Next Up

Engine 1 – Cylinder Block, Combustion Chambers, Engine Cover/Logo

Special Issue #3

Throughout the subscription build of their 1:8 scale Nissan GT-R (R35) model, Eaglemoss offered some ‘Special Issues’. These issues were automatically sent, and are billed in addition to the monthly subscription.

The first Special Issue was a 1:18 Scale Model Kit and the second was a Insulated Bottle and Keychain. This time, I was offered a Crystal Case. These cases are basically clear acrylic panels glued together to make a box and they fit down into the recessed area of the Display Base to protect the completed model from dust and moisture. I received the same case for my Mercedes-Benz 300 SL build-up, so I used that picture for this page.

This Crystal Case cost $95.90 including shipping costs and entirely optional. Since I display my completed partwork builds in glass cabinets, I did not need this case and called Eaglemoss to opt-out of this offer.

Special Issue #2

Throughout the subscription build of their 1:8 scale Nissan GT-R (R35) model, Eaglemoss offered some ‘Special Issues’. These issues were automatically sent, and are billed in addition to the monthly subscription.

The first Special Issue was a 1:18 Scale Model Kit of our Nissan GT-R. This time, we received a stainless steel drink bottle and keychain, both with the NISSAN GT-R R35 SCALE MODEL logo on them. The powder coated bottle is 18/8 double wall vacuum-insulated with a soft TPE grip that should keep your drinks cold for 30 hours and drinks hot for 8 hours. They keychain is not full color, like what was shown in the offer email, but it’s no big deal:

While these cost me $34.95 USD, they will likely get some use so it was not wasted. I just wish I could get my next issues as I have not received anything since December 2020!

Packs 83+ Delayed

Another delay has befallen our Eaglemoss 1:8 scale Nissan GT-R (R35) partwork build. My last shipment was received back in December 2020 and Customer Service told me last week that Pack 86 (in Issue 22) is out-of-stock with no ETA. I hope we can continue this build soon!

UPDATE May 23, 2021: I spoke with Customer Service again and now Pack 83 is shown as out of stock. There is word that the doors of our Nissan GT-R are being redesigned. The wait continues!

UPDATE July 10, 2021: What do you know… Pack 83 is still out of stock with no ETA. This 7+ month wait is getting pretty ridiculous!

UPDATE July 21, 2021: I took a shot in the dark and asked Eaglemoss if they could skip the missing packs and start sending me the 1:5 scale VR38DETT GT-R Engine packs from the end of the build. At least I would have something to do!

UPDATE August 28, 2021: According to Eaglemoss, Pack 83 is still unavailable with no hope in sight. However, I have received the first 16 packs of the 1:5 scale engine build. Should I start building and publish those packs early?

UPDATE October 4, 2021:  After almost a ten month delay, and right after I received the last of the engine packs, I have received a shipping notification for Packs 83-90!

UPDATE October 19, 2021: Well, I guess the floodgates at Eaglemoss opened as I have now received all of the issues I need to finish the car (83-100 minus the Floor Mats) and start the engine build. Now, I just need to get to it!