The GT-R is BACK!

After the unfortunate bankruptcy of Eaglemoss back in July 2022, current and new builders of this ‘Eaglemoss’ 1:8 scale Nissan GT-R partwork model were left without knowing if it would ever return.

Well, after many months of behind-the-scenes work sorting out legal, licensing, and logistics hurdles, the actual manufacturer of the parts (PCT/IXO) is now offering the model again directly from their website with worldwide shipping expected to start by June 30, 2023!

For ex-Eaglemoss subscribers: While IXO is only selling the GT-R as a FULL KIT on their website, they do plan on offering discount codes to ex-Eaglemoss subscribers sometime around the end of February 2023. These codes will reduce the price of the full kit relative to the number of issues that each customer already has in their possession. This effectively means that these builders will only pay for the issues they need to finish the model.

Whether you are an existing builder, or wish to build this GT-R from the beginning, check out IXO’s Nissan GT-R product page!

Go to IXO Collections!

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